Cursos Profesor Franco

A course of basic English teaching activities demonstrating various H5P activities integrated into Moodle

Introducing the concept of Digital Literacy. Optimised for mobile.

A space for staff only - not normally accessible to students.

Important professional news, updates, documents as well as social updates and events.

In this module we will analyse two very significant films - City of God and La Haine, both of which depict violent lives in poor conditions, the former in the favelas of Brazil and the latter in a Parisian banlieue. We will look at how conflict and class are portrayed, focusing particularly on the use of mise en scène.

Ages 16+

Mount Orange is proud to have in its community students, teachers, parents and helpers from a wide variety of different cultures. This course, open to anyone, showcases the diversity of our traditions, our language and our landscapes. Please join in:-)

Ages 8-adult